Bookkeeping courses for Small Business, Non-Profit, and Charity


Want a New Career?

You can market yourself better with added skills and demand a higher rate of pay.

In a matter of weeks you can achieve skills that will put you on a path to success. What is stopping you, this is an opportunity to invest in your future.

Want to Earn More Money?

You can start with an entry level bookkeeping position at $15 and grow with experience to earnings of $35 and more. The skills you acquire and proficiency will directly translate into your earning power.

Bookkeeping is affordable training, compare our price per education hour to other institutions and you will find we offer economical courses.

Want to Run Your Own Business?

Bookkeeping is an essential skill for all small business owners, it will give  you an advantage in the ultimate success of your small business venture, understanding the numbers and saving money.

You can choose to work for one company as an employee or start your own business doing bookkeeping and have clients of your own. You can work from home, part-time, full-time, the choice is yours.

Want to Upgrade Your Skills?

Bookkeeping is a core competency like knowing how to use a computer. Bookkeeping skills will enhance your career and allow you to seek out promotions to managerial positions. Many higher paying jobs require applicants to have an understanding of basic concepts of accounting and bookkeeping. In the course of many jobs employees may have to read financial reports and prepare budgets.

Want to Learn Canadian Bookkeeping?

If you have a bookkeeping or accounting background in your home country you may find it difficult to find employment in your field. A good place to start is a bookkeeping course to learn the Canadian differences and set you on a path to working in your field of choice.

Want to Prepare Charity or Non-Profit Books?

Every kind of organization, corporations, proprietorships, charities, unions, coops and others need to keep records of their financial transactions. Bookkeeping is one of the professions that is growing.



You’ll receive a student ID that will access the student learning area of the website.

All your materials and testing is in this area. You can work at your own pace and print the materials if you choose to.



Begin your studies or practicum, a course outline is available showing all the materials you need.

Need any help?

You can phone at any time during teaching hours if you are having problems, also technical support will be available.



Testing is at the end of each lesson.

It is helpful to print your materials as the tests and quizzes are open book.


After successfully completing the courses and tests you’ll receive your certificate!


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