Essential Concepts Training

Sharon Jessiman is the Founder of Glasshouse Capacity Services Society and Glasshouse Business Services Inc. Years ago she recognized the need for the charitable sector to have specialized trained bookkeepers because charities and non profits are unique in the way they do business.

Sharon Believes that Bookkeeping is a core compentancy and that everyone can benefit from learning the basics. If you own your own business, want to advance in your job to a mangement position or you are a newcomer to canada and wish to work in the finance industry, learning bookkeeping and accounting fundamentals will benefit you for a lifetime. It’s like not knowing how to operate a computer, it is hard to get along without that knowledge in todays world.

The Charitable sector employs more than 2 million people and has many more volunteers. We are not aware of any other place that you can get specific training for charities and non-profits. Of course we start with a basic understanding of bookkeeping in the small business context. If you complete all the courses you will have increased your marketability greatly in competing for non profit and charity jobs and you will qualify for small business positions as well. Many entry level positions like receptionist or support worker will have other duties in their job description. With additional  core compentancies like bookkeeping you will be shortlisted for more jobs.

Our Mission

To provide affordable courses that assist our clients/students achieve their goals and build the capacity of Charities, non-profits and small businesses.